Computerized Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Double Stepping Motor & Touch Panel & Edge Cutter


Fabric Weight



RNM3.2 / 4.8 / 6.4DB×1 #9 – #16

11110~54500L620 W280 H55040 / 46

Function Option

This machine uses needle feed system to prevent the layer movement of the sewing material and the accumulation of stitches passing through cross seam. The adjustment operation is simple, the design is exquisite, time-saving and laborsaving,and the sewing and cutting of the sewing material can be completed at one time. Stepping Motor-controlled stitch length, reverse sewing, silent thread trimming, and 8 different stitches can be sewn. Suitable for sewing all kinds of clothing, men’s and women’s shirts, children’s garment, bed sheets, curtains, etc.


Advanced touch screen:
4.3-inch colored touch screen,
intuitive and convenient.


Multi-function needle compensation switch:
It can realize the function of changing
stitch length to make up the needle.


This machine adopts the connecting rod type needle feeding structure, the needle feeding method makes the feeding characteristics more stable, and it is not easy to slip between the seam layers.