SiRUBA Declaration on Recent Fraud E-mails

Recently, we found many fraud e-mails spreading to our global agents or distributors. Which usually use our executive representatives or staff names to send these e-mails. Such fraud e-mails have been seriously impacting Kaulin’s reputation, or company representatives.

We hereby, officially declare that 

  1. KAULIN company never authorized any individual person tocollect the payment of its customers;
  2. Please do not make your payment due to KAULIN to any other individual than KAULIN. 
  3. KAULIN has nothing to do with those e-mails ; please ignore it if you receive any e-mail, phone-calls or instance messages.
  4. KAULIN has reported to the police authorities in Taiwan, and KAULIN reserves its right against all such fraud to seek the damages incurred by KAULIN together with the recovery costs.