High Speed Cylinder Bed Top Feed Overlock Machine

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High Speed Cylinder Bed Top Feed Overlock Machine

Succeeding 700K Series’ features, we develop cylinder bed mechanism to extend to 700KS Series. Moreover, with brand new independent-drive top feed mechanism, it extends to 700KST Series.



Exclusive Optional Attachment

ESK Electric hemming guide

In blindstitch hemming operation, ESK prevents stitch skipping or ply-shifting at the cross seam sections. The full set includes direct-drive servo motor, VT side suction trimmer, TUA suction set, auto foot lifter.

KCL Semi Auto Tubular Neckband Attaching 

Pneumatic tape guide set holds the neckband’s right and left side. With tubular extending roller set, the neckband tape can move forward stably so that operators can focus on fabric control, which improves the efficiency and reduces the difficulty of sewing operation.

LFD6K Multi-function computerized automatic elastic attaching

For attaching elastic tape on small openings of swimsuit, leotards or brief, etc. By computer control, with auto cutting and auto tape feeding, elastic tape sewing can be done by multi-section tension and length., with the below features:

Feed dog dropping function : when presser foot lifts, the feed dog drops to ensure tape feeding without obstacle.
Direct drive servo motor : Electrics highly integration realizes the accurate series movements.
Touch panel : Graphical user interface is easy for setting. New added testing mode is easy for beginner.


  • 3 operation modes: Auto, Manual, and Test. Auto/ Manual section changing with LED indicate lamp.
  • Precise feeding and the length setting unit is mm.
  • Adjustable feeding of forward, delay, reverse, and forward feeding with reverse function.
  • Speed compensation with 10 default values for choice.
  • For different sewing situations, active feeding may be applied by forward/ reverse ‧when sewing.If sewing operation failed, auto/ manual return to the first section of sewing program.
  • Air blow tape feeding function.



  • Memory of sewing program set: 10 sets
  • Program section: 18 sections.
  • LCD panel shows setting status, operation mode, and error code.


Additional Function

  • Thread releasing
  • Suction trimmer’s energy saving: Starting/ Ending air suction’s time is adjustable. (by stitch counting)
  • Auto presser foot lifting by paddle step-back.


Program set memory10 sets
Sections of every program18 sections
Tape feeding length per stitch0.2mm~6.5mm
Max. Speed (stitch length 5mm)4200 R.P.M
Encoder (synchronizer)48-pulse
Tape feeding motor5-phase stepping motor
VoltageAC 110~220 V
LF-D6Short roller: for tape width 16 mm belowStandard
LF-D6ALong roller: for tape width range 16mm~50mmStandard
LFAElectric tape feeding device
(Voltage 110~ 220V)
LF290-A□Euntangling wheel 
□=Voltage LFR-1: 110V, LFR-2: 220V)
VT *Vertical Pneumatic chain cutterStandard
TU*Dust collector suction deviceStandard
TSA-400Servo motor with built-in synchronizerOptional

*Standard devices are not mentioned in model name.

Opening Type Table Exclusive Suction Set

Front/ Rear SuctionPresser Foot LifterMechanical Air SwitchSolenoid Air SwitchCompatibility
TUA-37SV  Single wayKS/KST
TUA-38SVV Double waysKS
TUA-38STVV Double waysKST
TUA-39SV Single way KS/KST
TUA-40SVVDouble ways KS
TUA-40STVVDouble ways KST