Automatic Ribbed Hem Attaching To Wide Waistband Machine

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Machine Head

SIRUBA 747KST-514H-4-2

Sewing Speed

4500 SPM ( Max )

Needle Type

DC×27 #11

Presser foot Height

7 mm

Overedge Width

6 mm

Stitch Length

0.5~6 mm

Rib Size (mm)

Fabric Thickness

6.5mm ( Max )

Air Consumption

400 L/min

Air Pressure

0.5 Mpa

Power Supply

Single Phase 1Φ AC200~240V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

1K W ( Max )

Machine Dimensions

(W)1300×(D)790×(H)1640 mm
( With table and thread stand )

Production Capacity

Sewing Speed: 22 sec/pc (4500 spm, Rib Size: Circumference: 980mm, Height: 55mm)