Automatic Leg Bottom Hemming Machine

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Choose Model

Production CapacityWidth: 220mm、Total stitch: 191、Stitch length: 3.6mm、 Sewing speed: 2500 SPM、Circle time: 8 sec/trouser leg、 Output: 19 sec/piece
Machine Dimensions(W)830X(D)670X(H)1700mm ( With table and thread stand )
Power VoltageSingle Phase AC200~240V 50/60Hz
Air Pressure0.5 Mpa
Air Consumption4L/min
Sewing EndAfter triggering sensor, system will keep sewing delay stitch number (Capable of setting according to user’s requirement)
Sewing Start PositionSensor controll by positioning detector (Capable of setting according to user’s requirement)
Hem Width

Trousers Bottom Size280∼600mm(Bottom circumference 140∼300mm)
Stitch Length

2.3mm(3.6 mm is also available by changing gear)

Option 2.1mm、2.5mm、4.2mm、2.8mm、3.2mm

Needle TypeDV×57 #18
Sewing SpeedMax2500 SPM(Variable according to the paddle operation)
Machine Head63900CS

For fabric such as Jeans, casual pants or the fabrics with maximum. 2% spandex / Lycra. Sewing type: Chain stitch

Automatically detect the seam to the right position for sewing.

Quick adjustment of the cuff width by moving the 3 stoppers.