Automatic Belt Loop Bartacking Machine

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Production CapacityOutput: 31.5 sec/piece (5 pieces of belt loop for a trouser, 20 stitches×2 for a belt loop)
Machine Dimensions(W)800×(D)850×(H)1750mm ( With table and thread stand )
Power VoltageSingle Phase AC200~240V 50/60Hz
Air Pressure0.5 Mpa
Air Consumption30L/min
Upper Position Of Presser Foot Lift18mm(from the needle plate)
Sewing RangeX : 5~22mm Y : 0~3mm
Belt Loop Width RangeStraight Cut Type 9∼18mm ( Default: 13mm )
Size Range Of Finished Product48~78mm
Needle TypeDP×17 #21
Sewing Speed最高 2000 SPM
Machine HeadLKS-1900AN-HS

Cuts, Folds and Sews Belt Loops on Jeans, Work wear and similar apparel.

The width and length of belt-loops can be changed with ease.

JBL100V is available with JUKI LK 1900 electronic bar-tacking machine, which allows to store 30 different sewing patterns.

With V cutter to ensure better outlook of finished product.