Машина челночного стежка с позиционированием иглы и кромкообрезным станком с прямым приводом

With bult-in direct drive servo motor to achieve the accuracy of the machine’s rapidstart-up and braking; a significant reduction in noise and vibration, and reduce energy consumption, compared with conventional drive unit, battery depletion of 35% or more, suitable for sewing various shirts, suits or similar garments, especially it’s collar,breastand other parts, inverted send high-speed sewing material pitch to be completelyconsistent, side cutter device sewing and knife trimming procedures in one time efficiency.

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Fabric Weight



RNM3.2 / 4.8 / 6.4DB×1 #14

410~130~43700L580 W250 H53036 / 44