SiRUBA Presents the 8 Highlights in CISMA 2013

SiRUBA Presents the 8 Highlights in CISMA 2013:

1. Mechatronics in Overlock 700QD and Single Needle Lockstitcher ML8000D.
2. New Cylinder-bed Top-feeding Overlock 700KST, it is 700K type overlock with Small-cylinder-bed and To-feeding.
3. Top-feeding Overlock 700DFT Performance improving, enlarged sewing range, a challenge to the limits of the lighter and heavier.
4. Interlock performance improving, present the full series of Top-feed models (F007K, C007K, S007K), also F007K is equipped with new UTK thread trimmer.
5. New Two-needle Lockstitch MT8200 is equipped with direct-drive servo motor, and the improved thread trimmer.
6. Electric Bartacking, Button Sewing, Button Holing highlight Needle cooling, Elastic tape lapping, Auto-button feeding.
7. Application of Trimmer with Sensor, in Interlock F007K/FAT and Multi-needle chainstitch machine VC008/VAC
8. Energy Saving Servo Motor TSA, it is a key product in the global trend of environmentally friendly. Please visit SiRUBA in Hall W3, booth D22.